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Sunday Bulletin for November 18, 2018
Our worship leader this morning is Rev. Harold Wells. Our guest speaker is Mr.Wilf Ruland of Amnesty International. Our guest musician is Terry Storr, Clarinet. Scripture reading: Isaiah 6 1-4.   PDF

Preschool Live/Silent Auction Nov.17 flyer

"Aboriginal Contributions to Aldershot Farm Economy" presentation Nov. 21, 7:00pm
 The Metis Women's Circle invites you to hear a Historical Presentation of the Metis contribution to the farming community of Aldershot by Pauline Grondin, November 21 at EPUC starting at 7:00pm.  Open to the public. PDF

SOLO concert December 5 2018
 The public is invited to attend a concert by the 'Southern Ontario Lyric Opera," December 5, at EPUC starting at 7:00pm. The concert features Julia and Jeremy Ludwig and members of the SOLO chorus accompanied by Maestro Sabatino Vacca. Tickets are $30. PDF

Come-and-Go Tea at Hamilton Conference Nov.16
 Come-and-Go Tea celebrating Hamilton Conference 1:00-3:00pm November 16. PDF

Letter from Peter Hartmans, October 2, 2018.
 Peter Hartmans, Conference Executive Secretary. PDF

Vista Orders.
 Due dates for orders are:  November 11 & 25, December 9, 2018. PDF

Letter from Agnes Nanyonga Oct. 2018
 Agnes is now 16 yrs old and had just completed her studies at TRC to become a tailor. It is nice to hear from her again. PDF

Letter from Joseph in Uganda
 Joseph is a young student in primary four at the Tekera Mission in Uganda. East Plains is proud to continue our support for this mission. PDF

Hamilton Conference.
 Click the link for the latest news from Hamilton Conference. Hamilton Conference website.

East Plains Co-op PRESCHOOL.
 for Toddler and Preschoolers. Programs for children ages 18 months-5yrs. Call 905 681-0233 or go on the internet to: eastplainspreschool.com

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