East Plains United Church


Sunday Bulletin for August 4, 2019
 8th Sunday after Pentecost. Our Sunday services during August will be held at West Plains United Church. PDF

Our 2019 Spring Newsletter.
 An update on current news items from East Plains United Church with a lead article from Rev. Barb Fullerton. PDF

 Joseph has been promoted to P5. PDF

Vista Orders.
Next Vista order date: July 28. PDF

Letter from Agnes Nanyonga April, 2019
 We have just received this letter (dated April, 2019) from Agnes thanking us for providing her with the Singer sewing machine which she will use to earn money to support her two youger siblings who are currently enroled in TVS.  PDF

Letter from Joseph in Uganda
 Joseph is a young student in primary four at the Tekera Mission in Uganda. East Plains is proud to continue our support for this mission. PDF

East Plains Co-op PRESCHOOL.
 for Toddler and Preschoolers. Programs for children ages 18 months-5yrs. Call 905 681-0233 or go on the internet to: eastplainspreschool.com

A complete list of activities is available on the Calendar page.


At the present time, East Plains operates three memorial funds.

1. The Memorial Fund.

Gifts to this fund remember and honor an individual/family member and are often made in cooperation with the funeral home that provides gift cards to be filled out and sent to the church. In the case of a bequest left to the church, instructions as to how the funds are to be used may or may not be included in the gift. Monies raised are invested in blue chip securities or fixed income instruments like GICs or government bonds, and may be used for capital projects like our roof project or operating expenses.

2. The Patricia Wells Memorial Education Fund

This fund honors the memory of Patricia Wells a former staff associate of East Plains United Church who once taught high school in Lesotho, southern Africa. Its purpose is to provide educational assistance for students of the Global South and is awarded on the basis of academic excellence and economic need. The scholarship has recently been awarded to a high school student, Kasule Martin, in Uganda. All his expenses are met by a yearly donation from the fund (this year, 2013, $600). This covers tuition, accommodation and food, books and clothing. The money is managed by our trustees, Bridgit and Bruce Daly (of Burlington) who administer the Tekere school and clinic in Uganda.

Contributions to this fund may be offered by cheque, made out to East Plains United Church and marked "Patricia Wells Memorial Education Fund." A tax receipt will be sent upon request.


The fund was established by Burke and Anne Richards in memory of Burke's brother David Richards. The purpose is to provide an educational exposure to the Third World (including Canadian indigenous peoples) for individuals in East Plains United Church. There is an expectation that they will then share some of their learning and insight with the larger congregation.


  1. The interest on the fund is available to anyone connected with East Plains. This includes members, adherents and those on the inactive role (such as children of East Plains members who are studying and living out of town). Distribution is meant to be flexible and others (such as former members) will be considered for funding.
  2. Normally applicants will submit a brief written proposal to the Wider Work Ministry, stating how they would use the funds and why they are interested in this particular project.
  3. The Wider Work Ministry, with Anne Richards, will determine who should receive funding and the amount. The Chair of Wider Work will then inform the applicant(s).
  4. Wider work will help recipients of the fund to access any other United Church of Canada funding that may also be available (such as Conference grants).
  5. Wider Work will help arrange for presentations to the congregation, Sunday school, etc., by those who have received funding.
  6. Wider Work will regularly remind the congregation of the existence of the fund and encourage anyone interested to apply.