Tekera Resource Centre.(TRC)
TRC was founded in early 2006 in Tekera/Lwega village in Masaka district Uganda. The Centre now includes a health clinic and counselling service, a primary school, adult education classes, a community work programme and a community farm.
EPUC is presently sponsoring Joseph Wasswa who is in primary seven primary school. We are including a photo of him sent in May 2021 along with a thank you letter he sent. Click on downloads.

A letter from Brenda Casey, president of the Tekera Foundation.
Please click on the link below to read a thank you letter from Brenda Casey, dated September 30, 2020. As a show of gratitude for the church's donations, the Women's Craft Group at the TRC made 120 angels by hand and mailed them to Pat Vollick, our liaison with the TRC. An image of three of the angels appears on this page.

"Legacy Award 2020 "in recognition of your notable and consistent
support or donation over the course of our decade of work at the Tekera
Resource Centre in Uganda.