Our church governance is made up of an Official Board, a Board of Trustees and a Support Group.
The Official Board consists of a Chair, a Vice Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, Chairs of nine Ministries, a Trustee Chair and Support Group Chair. Any member of a Ministry can attend Board meetings and has voting rights. The Board normally meets four times a year. 
The nine ministries are: Building and Property, Christian Education, Communications, Fellowship and Pastoral Care, Finance, Nominations, Ministry and Personnel, Wider Work and Worship and Sacraments. Chairs are responsible for holding regular meetings and submitting minutes in advance of Board meetings.
The Board of Trustees hold in trust the assets of the church and arrange for property and liability insurance.
The Support Group is involved in all aspects of church life, providing receptions, social events, flowers, and fund raising through the annual Arts and Crafts sale and other fund raising activities.

Recent news updates from the Board and Board meeting minutes are posted below for you to review.